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Vibrational Healing


Sound Therapy

Most Ancient cultures used the seemingly Magical Power of Sound to Heal. Using Singing Bowls and Acoustic Instruments for Healing is based on the idea that a Human Body possesses a Resonant Frequency. The Body is in a State of Health when each Cell and Organ Resonates in Harmony with the Whole Being. When Energy Flow in the Body is Hindered, the Affected area Vibrates Out of Tune, causing Illness or Dis-ease.

Vibrational Sound Waves and Frequency Travel from the Outer Ear throughout the Body via the Vagus Nerve -- slowing Respiratory and Heart Rates while stimulating Brain Waves associated with the Deep, Peaceful, Meditative Levels of Consciousness highly conducive to Healing. The Brain Waves and Body are Synchronized through Entrainment (when the Powerful Vibrations of one object actually Raise the less powerful Vibrations of another object) resulting in Stress Relief and Homeostasis.

Bring Balance to your Life. Immerse Yourself in this Restorative Ancient Therapeutic Modality. Allow Inner Peace, Open yourself up to Transformation and Harmonization on every Level.

Private Individual, Couples and Family Sound Healing

Sessions are available during regular business hours

By Appointment Only

What first-time Vibrational Sound Therapy clients had to say about their sessions…

If you have ever been very close to a symphony orchestra when it is full swing you already have an idea of the experience of Vibrational Sound Therapy. It is not just a sound experience, and it is not just a vibration experience. You hear and feel the sound with your whole body. Different parts of the body transmit both sound and vibration differently, and during the treatment you feel and hear with your skin, soft tissue, muscles, bones and viscera. For me this was a supremely relaxing experience, with occasional moments when something internal or external or both, told me to wake up and pay close attention to the process. All communication starts with air vibrating. It is very hard to describe what kind of communication occurred during the treatment, but it felt both soothing and profound.

- S.B. Rye, New York

This is the most relaxed I have felt in a very long time. Within 5 minutes all thoughts in my mind are overtaken with a wave of calm and peacefulness. The Vibrational Sound Therapy session provided a deeper sensory experience and state of relaxation than I ever imagined. Thank you very much!

- R.C.D. Greenwich, CT

I just experienced Sound therapy for the first time and felt like the sounds I listened to caused waves to go around my body. This healed several points in my body that were being caused by pain. I felt that the sound therapy made me so much more energized, motivated, focused and at peace with my body and mind. The vibration, music and singing bowl was all very relaxing for me and I felt like being transported to another realm. This session was so relaxing for me that I felt deep asleep.

Barbara Thank you so much for this beautiful healing, I will definitely want to do it again.

-L.P. Greenwich, CT

Within minutes of my Vibrational Sound Therapy session I felt a great release. The mental and physical stress I tend to carry was gone. Everything was quiet and peaceful inside. I believe it may have been my first meditative experience. I left feeling completely balanced. My next session can't come soon enough. Thank you for introducing me to this modality!!

H.L. Connecticut

Vibrational Sound Therapy is a multidimensional experience. At first, you are aware of the sound of the bowls. As the vibrations penetrate your muscles and body, you can feel and sense the deep, tingly resonance. Without warning you enter complete relaxation, yet continue to experience the vague sound of the next bowl being struck and echoing infinitely… One of the most relaxing treatments I have experienced. Many thanks!! I will be coming back in the near future!

-B.R. Long Island, NY

I found Vibrational Sound Therapy to be a truly transformative, relaxing experience that heightened all senses in a very positive way. The beautiful sounds and vibrations from the bowls stimulated a meditative state and produced a calmness that lasted long after the treatment was completed.

-KM Rye, NY

Intro to Sound


4 Series

Group Sound Meditation is an incredible way to quiet your mind and balance your body. Take advantage of this one time introductory offer

and alleviate stress, promote relaxation and improve well being.


Single Session Group


Looking to try a no-fail meditation technique?

Now you can!!

Group Sound Meditation is an incredible way to relax and unwind while finding stillness and the deep meditative rest necessary for balance






Vibrational Sound Meditation is an incredible way to draw within, quiet an over-active mind and balance your body.

In a private, individual table setting, promote deep relaxation and improve your well being.


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